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BJJ Insights: The Most Informative and Engaging BJJ Podcasts to Tune In To

In a world where unprecedented violence occurs at any given time and in any given situation, one might argue that learning a few self-defense techniques are crucial to protecting himself.

While such a conclusion might motivate others to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, others are more interested in keeping themselves disciplined, healthy, and grounded in the physical aspects of this martial art.

In this article, well provide a brief introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and enumerate top podcasts to tune into to discover, learn and embody the teachings of this combat sport.

Top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Podcasts for Casual, Enthusiasts, and Veteran Practitioners

Podcasts have been a great way of listening to new perspectives and learning fresh techniques for your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice. Listed below are our recommendations.

The Raspberry Ape Podcast

Nicknamed, Raspberry Ape, British black belt Dan Strauss takes on the podcasting world by delivering BJJ content and other related topics to its avid listeners.

The Raspberry Ape podcast features an interview-style format with in-person guests that allows for differing personalities to shine while discussing championship bouts, BJJ techniques, and more.

This podcast doesnt have a specific upload schedule when compared to other BJJ podcasts out there. However, it already has 103 episodes that listeners can binge into, especially fans who adore Dan Strauss British accent.

The Chewjitsu Podcast

Wrestler and veteran black belt, Nick Chewy Albin doesnt only share BJJ techniques, methods, and tricks in this podcast. 

The Chewjitsu podcast also discusses the culture, the behind-the-scenes, and other not-so-glamorous parts of BJJ that might help beginners and enthusiasts in understanding this martial art more.

For listeners who want to explore varied show lengths, formats, and guests, this podcast is perfect. The tone is conversational and hearty making it ideal for beginners. You can expect fresh episodes every Monday.

BJJ Fanatics Podcast

If you want to follow BJJ personalities, listen to triumphant stories from BJJ champs, and get to know more about this beloved martial art in the eyes of the biggest names in the sport, BJJ Fanatics Podcast is worth your time.

Hosted by Ryan Ford, a brown belter, this podcast aims to answer all of the listeners questions and is considered by fans as a treasure trove of information. After all, with over 500 episodes available online, its a hotspot for all things BJJ!

Fans can listen to new episodes every Monday with an average length of 1 hour per show.

BJJ Brick Podcast

It might be intimidating to try and keep up with BJJ superstars if youre a beginner. The good thing is, casual listeners and new students can gain insights from friends who are just as passionate about martial art despite not being super human.

The BJJ Brick Podcast will always keep listeners guesting because it features a variety of content formats. From interviews, lengthy discussions, playful banter, BJJ tips and tricks to listener questions, this podcast has everything for everyone.

Although their schedule is inconsistent nowadays, their podcast already has over 600 episodes that you wont run out of things to listen to.

The Matburn Podcast

The competitive scene of BJJ is never short of strongmen who dominate the scene with their awesome techniques and spunky personality. 

The Matburn podcast features the main-stay host, Josh Hinger, and on-again, off-again co-host Keenan Cornelius black belters with an astounding list of accomplishments in the competitive scene.

The podcasts format revolves from solo to interview episodes that discuss BJJ in the competitive aspect, among others. Unfortunately, this podcast is inactive since 2021. But, their archived episodes can still be accessed.

A Fistful of Collars Podcast

A Fistful of Collars podcast features the level of professional quality expected from the BJJ media service, FloGrappling. 

FloGrappling is a top media service for BJJ fans anywhere in the world because it lets you stream championship bouts and other major matches in this particular competitive scene.

This podcast delivers post-match discussions and is often characterized by friendly banters and debates between hosts and guests. Unfortunately, the podcast has yet to upload new episodes with the latest ones dating back to early 2020.

The Strenuous Life Podcast

Not everyone who tunes into a BJJ podcast wants to listen to post-match analysis, pre-fight predictions, or discover the rising stars of the martial arts competitive scene. Others just want to learn, whenever, wherever. 

This is why The Strenuous Life Podcast is a favorite among BJJ students, enthusiasts, and veterans. Stephen Kesting focuses on providing insights, techniques, and practical know-how in a simple and easy-to-digest format.

Episode lengths vary from a minimum of 10 minutes to hours on end. Although there is no set upload schedule for new episodes, fans of the show can expect 2 episodes per month.

BJJ Mental Models

Are you looking to improve and elevate your techniques to become a better BJJ martial artist? If you are, you need to subscribe to BJJ Mental Models podcast immediately.

This podcast heavily and thoroughly discusses the concept that builds the foundation of BJJ. Whether it’s form, alignment, or even competition mindset, BJJ Mental Models is ideal for anyone whos into learning and progression. 

Students, veterans, and trainers alike can benefit most from listening to this podcast. You can learn from new episodes uploaded every Monday.

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