Best This Past Weekend Podcast Episodes

Best This Past Weekend Podcast Episodes

The world of podcasting caters to many different interests for audiences worldwide. Some podcasts take a deep dive into politics. In contrast, others intend to analyze and discuss the impacts of current economic scenarios or impart knowledge about a particular field of study. 

But, for audiences who want to take a break from this seriousness, listening to a good comedy podcast is enough to break the monotony of frown-inducing discussions. 

This Past Weekend Podcast combines the appeal of high-quality podcast production and real-life bonkers that will make you roll in laughter. 

If you want to discover more about this podcast before coming in to have a good time, read below.

An Overview: This Past Weekend Podcast

Heralded as one of the top comedy podcasts worldwide, This Past Weekend Podcast was created by stand-up comedian and television personality Theodor Capitani Von Kurnatowski (also known as Theo Von).

The podcast explores Von’s account of recent happenings (in this case, what happened the past weekend) and events while incorporating his unique brand of humor. Thus, the central theme behind the podcast.

He occasionally takes on listener calls, fan-submitted videos, or messages about a particular question, comment, concern, or personal issues that Theo Von can include on his podcast. 

Spotlight on Theo Von

Theo Von started his career as a reality TV star in MTV’s Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. From there, he starred in other MTV productions before competing in the fan-favorite, Last Comic Standing.

In 2008, he became part of Comedy Central’s competition show, Reality Bites Back, where he bested fellow comedians such as Bert Kreischer, Tiffany Haddish, and Amy Schumer.

After his stints as a reality TV star, he pursued his aspirations of becoming a stand-up comedian. Now, aside from hosting his podcast, This Past Weekend, fans of Theo Von can stream his comedy special, Regular People, on Netflix.

Best This Past Weekend Podcast Episodes

Now that we’ve enlightened Theo Von’s career and a brief history of This Past Weekend podcast, it’s time to list the best episodes to start tuning into for some laughs.

  • Episode 371 – Bryce Mitchell

Fans of this particular episode mention how UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell embodies the Southern mentality so well that they are swarmed with the “adorbs” vibes whenever he talks.

Moreover, the warm, relatable and hilarious interaction and random ramblings between Theo and Bryce send listeners to a wholesome overload that makes this episode a top favorite among listeners. Plus, if you tune in now, you’ll know which animals Bryce can face head-on!

  • Episode 174 – Bobby Lee & Khalyla

Remember when we mentioned how Theo Von would accept listeners’ emails for advice? This Valentine’s Day Special features the then-couple Bobby Lee and Khalyla giving their thoughts about relationships and other whatnots for the listeners to enjoy.

Oh, did we mention the heartfelt conversations you’ll hear aside from the bickering this chaotic trio exudes? If you want to shrug off relationship blues with good vibes and wholesome discussions, you need to bookmark this episode ASAP.

  • Episode 185 & 303 – Jo Koy

Ever hear two ten-year-olds bickering at each other with just pure comedic nonsense that it feels like you’re getting thrown off the loop and laughing for no good reason? Well, that’s how Jo Koy as a guest, comes off in the This Past Weekend podcast.

In the prior episode, Jo Koy was invited for his thoughts about the State Wars March Madness theme. For the succeeding one, he digs deep and talks about meeting strange men at the beach, what it’s like printing DVDs in hotel rooms, and a comedian’s struggle to earn respect in the industry. 

  • Episode 158 – Will Sasso

Nope, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to enjoy this holiday special. This wonderfully funny episode features the dazzling Will Sasso. This actor/comedian is famous for his roles in How I Met Your Mother and The Three Stooges.

Fans of the show are saying how improv actors mesh well with Theo Von’s unique flavor of humor, and this episode perfectly portrays such harmonious blending. What’s more, tuning into this episode unlocks Will Sasso’s timeless advice, so you don’t end up like his character on The Three Stooges.

  • Episode 112 – Duncan Trussell

Get in touch with your existential, and innermost thoughts with the soothing voice of Duncan Trussell combined with the witty life analogies of Theo Von. This episode is a definite must-try for diehard fans or even casual listeners of the show!

This episode eloquently discusses the origins of one’s feelings, Duncan’s experiences with nervous breakdowns, the ego identity, and the ultimate reason why we suffer – perfect for listeners who want to ground themselves in life’s teachings without the overbearing heaviness of the topic.

  • Episode 339 – Nikki Glaser 

It’s pretty rare for the This Past Weekend podcast to have female guests. But you can bask in the fun of nostalgia and teenage angst as you listen to Theo and his guest, Nikki Glaser, talk about young love, career, and cigarette addiction in this episode. 

If you’re looking for a chance to understand what makes Nikki Glaser’s mind tinker and want to hear stories that Nikki can’t stop gushing over, tune into this episode now. 

  • Episode 195, 369, 406 – Nick Swardson

Fans of This Past Weekend Podcast love having Nick Swardson on the show. Why? Because the episodes with him as a guest are unapologetically silly. Yes, you read that one right. After all, you’re listening to two witty and clever comedians who feed off each other’s vibe and humor! 

If you’ve been itching to hear about their respective experiences on The Joe Rogan Experience, expulsion from school, alcoholism, and sobriety, advice for those who want to live clean. 

  • Episode 71 – Stuck Yoovah

Out of all the solo episodes Theo Von has in This Past Weekend podcast, fans of the show believe this one is the best. Why? Because this episode clearly displays his comedic genius – his ability to share stories that tug the mind while stimulating the audience’s funny bones. 

This episode discusses his life decisions and wonders whether they are part of his evolution or just a part of growing up, society’s hunger and distraction caused by the downpour of information, and life’s other seemingly unanswered questions. 

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