Best Tiny Meat Gang Podcast Episodes

Best Tiny Meat Gang Podcast Episodes

The Tiny Meat Gang, or TMG, is a podcast talk show run by two comedians — Noel Miller and Cody “Ko” Kolodziejzyk. It’s part of the TMG Studios with several other podcasts, merch, and much more. 

The main goal of the show is to make you laugh, hopefully. Naturally, whether or not this is successful depends entirely on you and your tastes. However, if you love either of these two comedians, you will love their united effort found only in this show. 

As for the topics, the duo talks about everything, including streaming, drama, comedy, F1 racing, cooking, UFC, and anything else you can imagine. They sometimes have guests as well, people like social media personalities, other comedians, singers, cartoonists, you name it. 

The Tiny Meat Gang podcast has been on since October 2017, with episodes coming once a week in most cases. It’s a comedy, so don’t expect any rules, only laughs. 

Their humor is excellent if you ask me, and they have countless fans and even some awards to prove it. They received the Shorty Award for the best podcast in 2019 and an honoree recognition by Webby Awards in 2020. 

With hundreds of episodes behind them, there’s plenty of content to listen to or watch. However, if you don’t know where to start, check out my list of the top TMG episodes below. 

Episode 83 — Cody Meets Jake Paul

This might be their best one yet, and the views certainly support this. And as the title suggests, Cody meets Jake Paul in this one, but not for real. Cody actually talks about his experience with Jake Paul — how the YouTuber called him a cyberbully and everything else that followed. 

Episode 260 — Evil Mr Beast (ft Mr Beast)

This is one of their most viral episodes as Cody and Noel talk with Mr Beast, the famous YouTuber. It’s a great episode not just for who the guest is but because they’ve had a great vibe between them. Also, if you want to learn about Mr Beast’s views on the whole industry he’s created and how he isn’t materialistic despite the fortune he keeps making and giving away, there’s no better show to do that than TMG. 

Episode 232 — I’m the Joker, Baby!

This episode is quite crazy. The funny duo become Batman villains and joke about their hammered karaoke performance in Tampa. It sounds random, but you’ll love it. If you’re going to watch it on YouTube, expect to see some ridiculous costumes too. 

Love Island Special Ep 1 – It’s good to be jacked

It’s another one of the TMG episodes you need to watch instead of listening to. The guys are super jacked, as in wearing full-body suits to look swole as the Rock. On top of that, they talk and joke about Love Island, using British accents from time to time, for a full hour. It’s so fun that they made several of these episodes afterward. 

Episode 180 — TikTokers Vs YouTubers

TikTok has changed the world, and you can be sure that Cody and Noel have some opinions. Even though they are YouTubers, you’ll be surprised to hear what they think about TikTok and the war between the two social media video platforms. 

Episode 229 — Cody Takes A Lie Detector Test

This one starts as crazy as it gets, with Cody taking a lie detector and Matthew McConaughey’s foot kicking him in the groin area whenever he lies. If that sounds as random as a sentence can be, then you definitely need to see it. That’s just a tiny part, though, and the duo will talk about everything in this one, from their trip to an animal farm to Kanye’s Donda 2 release. 

Episode 259 — Kanye’s Workout Plan

In this one, the two chat about training because Cody has a new trainer, and they dig into his latest experiences with fitness. However, there’s a lot more, and you’ll especially love it when they talk about the perfect woman, at least according to AI. 

Episode 52 — 1 Year Anniversary feat. Special Guest

The episode is not just special for being the duo’s first anniversary with the joint podcast but because it’s one of their best ones. They are hilarious but also serious, as they get real at one point. The episode has it all, plus a special guest and some ridiculous autotune at the end. 

Episode 216 — The Worst Thing Ever

Do you know what’s the worst thing ever? Of course, but you want to hear what Cody and Noel have to say about it. And they certainly have something to say about it for a long time. But don’t worry, it’s all more than entertaining because some of the best moments of the whole podcast are found in this single episode. 

Episode 256 — QTCindarella Roasts Us (ft QTCinderella)

The episodes with guests are always the most enjoyable because every guest is clearly having fun with the two. The same thing happened with QTCinderella, the popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. She’s here to roast Cody and Noel, and you’ll love it. Not as much as them, but you’ll definitely have fun. 

Episode 125 — Hype House For Weird Kids

Noel and Cody are here to tell you about hype houses in this episode. A what house, you may ask? Don’t worry, they’ll explain it first, in detail. Then you’ll hear about how weird this entire concept is and what makes it dull. They do it all with the unique sense of humor we all love. If you don’t know it yet, this is the best episode to learn it.

Episode 170 — I Am 100% A Cannibal

Who is the cannibal of the two? Tune in to find out! Just kidding, no one is a cannibal, but the duo will discuss the cannibalism allegations placed on Armie Hammer. That’s the central part of the episode, but there’s much more in it because you can’t talk about this weird topic forever. 

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