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Fight Talk: The Most Insightful MMA Podcasts for Die-Hard Fans

Both podcasting and mixed martial arts have been rising in popularity recently, so it’s perfectly natural for them to connect. However, the reality is that they combine a lot more than you think, which is why the web is filled with a large number of MMA podcasts. 

Be it a show hosted by an MMA fighter, a broadcaster, or some fans, you’ll find many compelling MMA podcasts to listen to or watch. Some have high production value and are very entertaining, but many more are not worth your time. 

To help you find the best podcasts that talk about all things MMA, we’ve scoured the web and selected a couple you’re bound to like, so you’ll undoubtedly get some value from this list. 

It’s Time With Bruce Buffer

It’s Time is a weekly podcast run by the legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, but most know him as the Voice of Mixed Martial Arts. He talks about UFC news, fighters, and even pop culture on the show. If you’ve only watched him live during UFC fights, you’ll find it weird following him in a more relaxed atmosphere, but you’re bound to love the show as the guy is the one you want to listen to on everything UFC related. 

He releases new episodes every week, each up to an hour. There are more than 500 episodes, so there’s plenty of content if you’re interested. If you don’t know where to start, try some of the latest episodes. Still, you also want to watch Episode 507 with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Shannon Briggs, Episode 524 with UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou, and Episode 479 with the former UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping


DC & RC is an ESPN podcast on MMA that’s led by Daniel Cormier and Ryan Clark. Both are Louisiana natives, with Cormier being a UFC legend and Clark a Super Bowl champion. They hang out every Wednesday and Thursday, discussing various MMA topics, including previews and reviews of fight cards, storylines, and more. 

Episodes are usually around 50 minutes long, with more than 200 of them. The show’s been on since 2019 and has become quite popular in a short while, as it offers the exact things every MMA fan wants to hear. If you’re going to test it out, try Khabib’s Retirement, Lightweight Title Picture & Leon vs. Khamzat, or some of the latest episodes, as most deal with current events. 

Believe You Me with Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is the famous former UFC middleweight champion, and he runs a show where he talks about the latest MMA news and behind the scene stuff, especially about his own career. However, he also delves into his personal life, parenting, philosophy, and more. Episodes come out twice a week, and you can always listen to the last 15 for free, while the rest are open if you subscribe via the GAS network

Every episode is over an hour long, often approaching two hours, and there have been over 460 by now. If you need somewhere to start, it’s best to try the free ones to see if you’re into it and if the show is worth spending some money on. There are also some free ones on Bispring’s YouTube channel, together with additional content you might appreciate. 

Weighing In

This incredible MMA show is led by two UFC veterans, Josh Thompson, a former UFC contender, and Big John, a former UFC referee. The two are great together, and they only deal with topics in an authentic way that’s not trying to sell you fights or overhype events. Plus, the two have entirely different views of UFC, with Thompson sharing opinions on fights while Big John gives you details about the business side.

Episodes come out weekly, and each one is very long, often around and even above two hours. There have been more than 340 episodes by now, and if you want to try it out, go for episode #112 with Conor McGregor, #90 Khabib Submits Gaethje and Retires, and #281 Edwards #andnew.

UFC Unfiltered

UFC Unfiltered is a weekly podcast show run by two of the unlikeliest pairings in the MMA podcasting world —  a comedian and a former UFC welterweight champ. We are talking about the seasoned comedian Jim Norton and the old champion Matt Serra. The duo deals primarily with fight predictions and analysis, but they also have exciting industry stories and opinions to share, and interviews with fighters, UFC people, and celebs. 

The podcast has been on since 2016, with almost 700 episodes in total. Each one is around an hour long, with some reaching an hour and a half. If you want to listen to some episodes to see what it’s all about, we suggest one of the oldest, UF16: Joe Rogan and Larry King, then you can try some of the more recent episodes like Jamahal Hill, McGregor vs. Chandler, looking ahead to UFC 284 with guest co-host Bruce Buffer.

MMA Fighting 

MMA Fighting is a podcast from SB Nation, a sports blogging network that covers various popular sports leagues and franchises like MLB, NBA, NFL, and mixed martial arts, among others. As Vox owns the site, the podcast is thus part of the larger Vox Media Podcast Network that runs sports podcasts like Acme Packing Company, Arrowhead Pride, and The MMA Hour With Ariel Helwani. 

The show will inform you about everything happening in MMA and provide analyses you’ll definitely enjoy. Several hosts run it as episodes come several times a week, with more than 1,600 in its library. Consequently, it’s hard to find the best ones to listen to, but starting with some of the latest ones is undoubtedly a good idea as the show deals with the latest news and trendy topics. 

Full Reptile Collective

A former UFC fighter and title challenger, Dan Hardy, hosts this weekly podcast. He primarily deals with fight analysis, and many argue that he is one of the best people in the industry who can do that. Before the start of every UFC event, he does a deep analysis of what might happen, and we assure you, if you’re a fan, you’ll want to listen to what he has to say. 

Every episode is over an hour long, and there have been more than 320. As the show primarily deals with upcoming fights, it would be best to start with the latest episode, but you can also listen to some older ones to see how good he is at analyzing fights before they unveil.

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