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11 Best Boxing Podcasts You Need to Tune Into

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a contact sport where participants use their fists to knock out their opponent to win. 

Although the rise of other contact sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) has recently put boxing out of the limelight, boxing will always be a favorite among those who genuinely appreciate the brute force and precise techniques displayed in matches. 

If you are one of the adoring fans of boxing and would like to know what’s the latest in the ring, here are the top boxing podcasts you need to tune into.

1. 5 Live Boxing with Steve Bunce

Hosted by Steve Bunce, this boxing podcast channel is perfect for boxing fans and enthusiasts who want to know the latest news and listen to expert discussions from past fights. 

Steve Bunce has been the face of boxing for numerous sports segments from different broadcasting stations. This podcast publishes new episodes every Monday. 

2. The Fight with Teddy Atlas

Anybody who’s a boxing fan knows The Teddy Atlas. He is a trainer to 18 world champions and a Hall of Fame boxing commentator. As such, The Fight with Teddy Atlas is a boxing podcast that wants to listen to the nitty-gritty of the sport. 

Aside from fight analysis and discussions, Teddy Atlas brings special guests to explore predictions, behind-the-scenes, and lessons inside the ring that can be applied to real life.

3. Tha Boxing Voice

Sports podcasts usually have experts or sports veterans as hosts. However, Tha Boxing Voice takes on a “for the fans, by the fans” approach to the show. 

Hosted by Nestor Gibbs, Mario Mungia, James Myhre, and Joe Habeeb, Tha Boxing Voice boasts a combined 50 years of boxing experience by delivering episodes that take on a casual, fun, and balanced tone.

4. Boxing Life Stories

For boxing fans who want to listen to tales “beyond the tape” or hear their favorite boxing icons talk about their unforgettable bouts, Boxing Life Stories is a great boxing podcast to listen to.

Hosting the show is Tris Dixon, former editor of Boxing News and the BT Sport No Filter Boxing presenter, and you can hear boxing stories from legends who lived to tell the tale and more! 

5. The PorterWay Podcast

Usually, boxing podcasts take on a serious tone, especially when discussing past fights or upcoming fight predictions. 

However, two-time welterweight world champion Shawn Porter breaks from this standard by offering boxing fans a laid-back, entertaining, and unique experience with The PorterWay Podcast. 

6. Boxing with Chris Mannix

Who would’ve thought that an active NBA analyst and senior writer for Sports Illustrated would be as passionate about boxing as basketball? 

Boxing with Chris Mannix is a podcast where hosts aim to produce episodes that allow fans to understand the sport and get to know boxing personalities and icons through in-depth conversations.

7. 3 Knockdown Rule

ESPN Journalist, Steve Kim, is joined by boxing enthusiast and TV personality Mario Lopez to bring boxing fans all over the world, The 3 Knockdown Rule.

Their episodes bring insights, stories, interviews from special guests, and a healthy bickering regarding the current state of boxing and future events that all boxing fans and enthusiasts must know.

8. Pound for Pound with Jake Wood and Spencer Oliver

What happens when an award-winning actor joins an ex-European super-bantamweight champion? The Pound for Pound with Jake Wood and Spencer Oliver comes to life!

This boxing podcast features interviews from boxing veterans, sports analysts, and even celebrity boxing fans to discuss everything and anything related to the world of boxing.

9. TKO with Carl Frampton

Offering a unique insight into the world of boxing is none other than two-weight world champion Carl Frampton and journalist and TV presenter Chris Lloyd.

This boxing podcast features high-profile interviews, fight analysis, and unprecedented access to the action inside and outside the ring.

10. The Boxing Rant Podcast

Hosted by Vince Cummings and Kenny Keith, The Boxing Rant Podcast offers boxing fans and enthusiasts unfiltered discussions about the sport. 

Its roundtable format is ideal for casual listeners and hardcore boxing fans worldwide.

11. Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson

Although this podcast channel doesn’t revolve around boxing as its central theme, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson is a fantastic podcast for fans who adore the touted pound-for-pound king, Mike Tyson. 

He sits with icons and personalities of different industries and sports in his podcast. Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson also helps Tyson fans to listen to his thoughts and opinions on various matters, not just boxing.

Choosing the Best Boxing Podcast

As a fight fan, you must remember that every podcast above is different. Each of them takes a unique approach to explore the exciting world of boxing. But if you’re still torn about which podcast to try, you may want to evaluate your preferences first.

For example, if you want to know the schedule of upcoming fight nights, who’s who in the boxing world, news and updates, you can tune in to podcasts that primarily deliver information, such as 5 Live Boxing with Steve Bunce.

A roundtable discussion is perfect for you if you’re leaning towards listening to commentaries, fight analysis, predictions, breakdowns, and interviews. This podcast format can be heard through channels such as The Fight With Teddy Atlas, Boxing Life Stories, and Boxing With Chris Mannix.

For casual boxing listeners who want to understand more about boxing but in an entertaining manner, commentaries or even comedies can do the trick. Boxing podcasts such as The PorterWay Podcast, Tha Boxing Voice, The Boxing Rant Podcast, and Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson offer a light, balanced and wholesome approach to discussions relating to boxing and more.

When it comes to top boxing podcast choices, it’s essential to understand your preferences, so you can select which one to tune into. However, it’s worth noting that as a boxing fan, you wouldn’t want to limit your options to a single podcast only. 

Since the choices listed above upload episodes on varying schedules and frequencies, you can mix and match to give yourself some variety. 

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