Best Podcasts for Actors

10 Best Podcasts for Actors

Acting is more than just playing a character on the silver screen or the stage on Broadway. For actors all around the world, this prestigious craft is a way of life. 

If you are an aspiring or established actor, tuning into podcasts dedicated to audiences such as yourself is more than just a glorified way of passing the time. 

Our selection of best podcasts for actors will give you nuggets of real-world advice to boost your career, build your confidence and skillsets, or inspire you with stories from renowned actors who are shining brighter than the spotlight they’re standing in.

1. In the Envelope

Bask in the magnanimous appeal and the round-up of star-studded guests who share life in the limelight and the stories behind some of your most beloved films and shows. 

With guests such as Hugh Jackman, Nicholas Cage, Reese Witherspoon, Eddie Redmayne, and more, In the Envelope aims to provide its listeners with intimate and in-depth conversations that serve as guides for aspiring actors everywhere. In the Envelope is a podcast produced by the industry-renowned, Backstage. 

2. Off-Camera with Sam Jones

Los Angeles-based photographer and director, Sam Jones brings artists, actors, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and even skateboarders for a long and heartfelt conversation about literally anything that piques their interests.

Off-Camera with Sam Jones features a myriad of established artists such as Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Tony Hawk, and more. This podcast not only talks about acting in general. Instead, it delves into the musings of the guest about life beyond acting.

3. Broadway’s Backbone

Not all who want a breakthrough in the entertainment industry adore the limelight. For some, working behind the scenes, or at least beyond the stage is more fulfilling. This is where Broadway’s unsung heroes such as the dancers, singers, backstage crew, and others come in.

Broadway’s Backbone is a podcast hosted by a Broadway performer, Brad Bradley. It aims to shed light on topics that aren’t commonly talked about when it comes to all things Broadway. 

4. The Young Actor’s Guide

Are you a parent with a child who dreams of making it big as an actor? Or, are you a young adult who’s finding it hard to navigate the tricky yet exciting world of entertainment? 

The Young Actor’s Guide is a thorough discussion of the do’s and don’t’s of Hollywood. Moreover, the podcast also features talent agents who give real-life advice to young actors to boost their confidence and nail their auditions.

As of the moment, the podcast has only 44 uploaded episodes with the latest one dating back to December 2019.

5. Actor CEO

Hosted by actor Mike Moreno, Actor CEO brings helpful nuggets of wisdom for navigating the world of the entertainment industry. But, more importantly, the episodes focus on how actors can build a sustainable career as they juggle acting from a business perspective.

The Actor CEO podcast releases an episode every week. However, the last episode dates back to November 2021. Nonetheless, with 200 episodes in the bank, it’s a worthy binge for actors. 

6. 10,000 Nos

Being an actor means having to embrace every aspect of the profession. From the glitz and the glamour down to the harshest rejections, it’s all part of acting. This is the central theme of the 10,000 Nos podcast hosted by actor Matthew Del Negro.

In his episodes, he brings in industry experts to share acting wisdom and discusses handling rejections and overcoming these challenges as part of the raw and unromanticized journey of an actor.

7. Audition Secrets with Justin Bell Guarini

Oftentimes, an audition stands in the way of a massive breakthrough. To help aspiring Broadway actors ace their auditions and prepare them for their respective roles, Broadway veteran Justin Guarini shares his wisdom on the podcast, Audition Secrets.

In this podcast, Justin shares his experiences after 17 years on the stage and provides valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring Broadway actors who want to conquer the big stage. 

As of writing, Audition Secrets with Justin Bell Guarini has only 28 published episodes with the latest going back to December 2019.

8. Audrey Helps Actors

If you’re looking to ease your way into Hollywood by acting on TV shows, Audrey Moore can help you out! Her Audrey Helps Actors Podcast aims to be a go-to resource for aspiring actors about nailing their auditions, getting a new agent, and more.

The podcast also features prominent guests such as acting coaches, talent managers, writers, showrunners, and directors who can give you advice for booking a new acting job, booking commercials, or the nitty-gritty of the entertainment industry.

9. Think Bigger Actors Podcast

At first glance, acting feels like a career that heavily involves emotions, physical gestures, and motions. However, as actor DaJuan Johnson puts it, acting is beyond physical. Its success lies in the thoughts that an actor has in his mind.

For aspiring actors who want to listen to the thoughts and inner workings of established actors, the Think Bigger Actors podcast helps unravel the true meaning of success.

10. The Sound Advice Voice-Over Podcast

When it comes to career opportunities in the entertainment industry, acting on stage or in films isn’t the only way to experience success as an actor. For those who want to be recognized for their prowess as voice actors, listening to The Sound Advice Voice-Over Podcast is helpful.

Hosted by Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney, this podcast deeps dive into practical techniques for voice-over acting success and features voice actors who share their experiences and tips for aspiring voice actors as well.

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