Best Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain Podcast Episodes

Best Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain Podcast Episodes

Launched in February 2020, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain is a comedy podcast by the titular Emma Chamberlain. She’s a famous Internet personality who gained most of her fame through her YouTube channel. Many even credit her for starting a whole new vlogging style on YouTube.

She started her career at a young age. Even though she was born in 2001, Emma already has successful business ventures, including her coffee company, which was formed in December 2019. 

Her podcast used to be called Stupid Genius but officially launched in February 2020 as Anything Goes. It’s part of the Ramble community comprising several other podcasts, including Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, Queerified with Gigi Gorgeous & Mimi, and Marc and Heidi: The Other D’Amelios, among others. 

Emma’s show is a weekly series focusing on various topics and issues currently prevalent in the US and among young people. She usually talks about fashion, relationships, coffee, mental health, and gut feelings. 

Even though it’s been on the scene for only a few years, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain has already won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Podcast and received a nomination from Streamy Awards. Separately, Emma Chamberlain has a Streamy Award for Breakout Creator, Choice Female Web Star Award from Teen Choice Awards, Best Podcaster from Shorty Awards, and others. 

Her show has more than 150 episodes, and I’ll list the best ones below and explain what they are about and what makes them worth a listen. There will be links to each episode on various platforms but bear in mind that Emma’s podcast has become exclusive to Spotify, so new episodes will likely only be available on that medium.


Identity matters enormously; it shows who we are, our personality, our passions, and how we express ourselves and treat others. It presents everything that makes us unique, and so many of us grapple with it, especially early on in our lives. It’s a topic that hits Emma home, and it’s terrific to hear how she ventured on that journey. 

my philosophy on copying

Copying is not a simple thing, but not in the sense of how complicated it can be to achieve. More like a concept, as it’s not simply wrong. Yes, in many cases, it is, but it can be good as well, helpful, and even evil. And in this episode, Emma wants to share her opinions on copying, how it’s not always a bad thing, and when it should be used. 

regaining perspective

Having anxiety problems is common, and it’s not something to be ignored, and most of all, it’s not something to be ashamed of. Emma talks a lot about her issues at the time and how the weight of anxieties can become unbearable. She talks about how to deal with it, what tips and tricks can help, and even how to deal with panic attacks. You won’t leave disappointed, and as one fan pointed out, the whole episode is like having a friend to talk to about anxiety.

rock bottom

Emma made this episode when she took a break from her YouTube channel. If you’re interested in knowing why and how she felt uninspired and lacked creativity at the time, it’s the 44 minutes you want to invest in to find out. Moreover, she got very introspective in this episode. She touched a lot on hitting rock bottom in general, so it’s something you can relate to if you’ve ever felt like that, especially if you’re a teen going through various issues. 

the rules we learned as kids… are BS?

Emma goes deep on the various rules we were taught as kids, the more basic ones and some that can get over your head when you’re a child. Many of these make the world seem black and white, and as everyone above the age of 20 knows, the world is entirely gray. Nothing is simple, which is why Emma thinks we need to unlearn some rules or, at the very least, find the inherent nuances in the world itself. 


This episode gets real on sex, the activity no one wants to openly discuss, sometimes not even with their partners. You just do it. Joking aside, in this 40-minute-long episode, Emma talks about the realities of sex, especially the things we all learn about when we are younger but eventually find out are much different. Sex is often embellished in the world of entertainment, so we never have the complete picture of what sex is and how it works in the actual world. 

getting back on track

Almost an hour long, this episode is another of Emma’s heavily personal ones. She follows up on an existential crisis she’s been having for a while. However, she took a day off to get things back on track and achieve her goal. She then decided to take us on that journey and show us how much you can achieve in a short while. 


This is another one of the more serious episodes where Emma goes deep into a topic. This time it’s the concept of cheating. She goes into it from a different side to see why people do it, how it happens, and whether a cheater should or can be forgiven. It’s something we all need to consider, as it’s not as uncommon as some people think, especially in our modern world. And yes, it can happen to you, too, regardless of whether you’re the one being cheated on or the cheater themself. 

the feminine mold

Society is weird. It has all of these molds for who we have to be, the ideal woman or the perfect man. It’s something engraved in us from a very young age that plays a significant part in who we are. However, it’s also hard to achieve, and many of us doubt whether it’s something we should achieve as it can limit our happiness. Emma talks about these struggles in life and shares some compelling personal issues that affected her self-esteem. 


Don’t worry, even though the main topic of this episode is death, it’s not something you should worry about. However, it’s not something you should forget about either. It’s part of life and the inevitable conclusion to everyone’s story. We all need to come to terms with it as we’ll go through it with our loved ones and, eventually, go through it ourselves. Emma recently had that realization, which is why she wanted to dedicate an entire episode on her podcast to it. Who knows, maybe you’ll also come to terms with the inevitability of death together with her. 

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