Best Fishing Podcast

Best Fishing Podcast

Podcasts seem to be everywhere nowadays, and their number is so large that it’s impossible to stay up-to-date with any genre you like. The same thing can be said about fishing podcasts, but thankfully, only a manageable amount rises above the brackish water. 

There are more than enough genuinely high-quality podcasts about fishing that are not just incredibly informative and entertaining to true anglers but also very well made. Their production quality is top-notch, so they are bound to keep you in your seat and glued to your headphones. Many of them bring great guests, from whom you’re bound to learn something new or reaffirm existing knowledge. 

With that in mind, let’s review a couple that are truly at the top of their game and worthy of your free time.

Anchored Podcast

Anchored Outdoors is a podcast hosted by April Vokey, a famous angler with years of experience. Her whole deal is talking with other renowned people from the world of fishing, hunting, homesteading, and foraging and uncovering unique stories no one has heard before. 

The show has been on since December 2014, with well over 210 episodes. New ones come out twice a month, but sometimes, you’ll get only one episode per month, as Vokey runs a whole business around the podcast. Each episode is an hour to one and a half hours long. If you want to get started, we recommend listening to Ep. 216: Enrico Puglisi, Ep. 185: Al Perkinson, and Ep. 206: Emily Rodger’s Incredible Story.

Tom Rowland Podcast

The podcast is run by the titular fishing guide who became an entrepreneur. He has a lot of broadcast experience and knows more than enough about fishing and fitness. He talks about everything about freshwater or saltwater fishing, gear upkeep, and personal fitness. 

With more than 700 episodes, there are more than enough episodes to keep you entertained for a long time. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest Bill Dance — America’s Favorite Angler, Nick Lavery — U.S. Green Beret Warrant Officer On Mindset And Why Motivation Is Overrated, Richard Black – Black Fly Charters, and Brandon Cyr – Growing Up Conch – Key West Flats Fishing Guide.

The Big Fish 

The Big Fish is a weekly podcast run by Scott Levi, an ABC Central Coast radio presenter, so expect lots of local news and fishing-related things from an NSW, Australia perspective. There are enough tips and exciting stories to warrant a listen, even from a person not living in New South Wales. 

The show has been on since late 2017, with well over a hundred episodes that come out every week and only a few pauses for the holidays and the like. Some of the more popular episodes include The Big Fish and Stinker on Whale “Watch,” The Big Fish, Hinchinbrook and illegal Bass slaughter, and The Big Fish dead turtles.

Ike Live Fishing Talk Show With Mike Iaconelli

Ike Live is a talk show released semi-regularly, but each episode is worth the wait. You can listen to or watch it, and it regularly features special guests from both the enthusiast and tournament world of fishing. 

Every episode is several hours long and released in segments due to the length. There are more than 140 episodes, and even though the show doesn’t keep a schedule, you can expect at least one and sometimes two episodes a month. If you’re willing to give it a shot, some of the best episodes are IKE LIVE! Ed Bassmaster #1, Bass Champion Seth Feider – Thanksgiving Ike Live #70, and Thanksgiving Special FULL House #147.

Blue Fish Radio

This Canadian podcast focuses on interviews with notable people from the world of fishing and experts with first-hand expertise. The show is hosted by Lawrence Gunther and featured by various broadcasters. 

Blue Fish Radio has weekly episodes of 30 minutes that are listened to by more than 100,000 people. By early 2023, there have been more than 380 episodes, with many more planned. Some popular ones include Catch Care Release with Tom Rowland, Chief Scott McLeod and Nipissing First Nation Fisheries, and Brett Kissel on Living an Outdoor Life and Making a Living.

Addicted Fishing Podcast

The Addicted Fishing Podcast has been on since December 2016, and the hosts deal with current fishing conditions, tactics, regional reports, and much more. They are from the Pacific Northwest, but the show has various guests from the world of fishing and discuss things about the sport from all over the country.

This is one of the few shorter fishing podcasts you’ll find, perfect for listeners who like to get their fix quickly. There’s no fixed schedule, but you’ll get several episodes a month in most cases. Some of the top episodes you should hear are We Have A LEGEND In The Building!, Spring Salmon Fishing, Rigs, & More!, So you want to be a fishing guide HUH?!, and So You Want To Be A FISHING GUIDE, Part 2!


Bent is one of several MeatEater podcasts. It focuses on fishing, but the topics are incredibly diverse as the two hosts try to cover everything that would interest anglers. It’s witty, funny, and serious all at the same time and offers a lot of exciting tips, fishing reports, trivia, and a lot more. 

Unfortunately, the show ended in April 2022, but it has 88 episodes, each an hour or an hour and a half long. They are worth your time, even if you only want ongoing podcasts. Try listening to Ep. 31: Pick a Finger and Feed It to a Pike, Ep. 85: Pump Action Raccoon Streamers, Ep. 48: Over-Stripping for Swedish Pacu, and Ep. 79: Chuck Sucks At Steelhead Fishing.

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide podcast is hosted by the famous fishing guru Tom Rosenbauer, who has a ton of advice and inside knowledge on fly fishing you should employ. You’ll learn about fly patterns, fishing tactics, fish habits, and a lot more, with numerous episodes featuring notable personalities in the world of fly fishing. 

Episodes come out weekly in most cases, and the show has around 200 of them. It’s been on since 2018. Some of the best episodes include The Giant Trout of Pyramid Lake, with Mike Anderson, Getting Kids into Fly Fishing, with Marsha Benovengo, and Charlie Robinton on California Trout Fishing

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