Your Own Backyard – The Disappearance Of Kristin Smart

True Crime Podcast  The Disappearance of Kristin Smart The creep factor of the story surrounding Kristin Smart’s disappearance is off the chart and Chris Lambert’s true crime podcast Your Own Backyard does a great job tackling such sensitive material.  Much of the story has potential triggering details, so proceed with caution if needed. While Your…

17 Motivational Videos From The Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast A Unique Approach To Growth And Leadership There is a wealth of content available in the world of leadership and peak performance that is affirming, inspiring, and cheerful. Then there is The Jocko Podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink, that approaches life and empowerment in a different manner than most….

The 17 Best Motivational Videos By Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Hustle & Heart Gary Vaynerchuk has become the standard-bearer for hustling. He is a showman without a doubt, but the fuel behind Gary’s ascension to becoming one of the most iconic online persona’s today is the value he consistently provides with his content and the integrity with which he has built his brand….

17 Best YouTube Meditation Music Videos For You

YouTube Meditation Music There are several different methods for meditation and a variety of ways to help one get into a more peaceful and restful state for meditation. Guided meditations can be a great platform for anyone who is a bit unsure or apprehensive about how to best get started. YouTube meditation music is also…

Joe Rogan Podcast’s Best Recurring Guest: Duncan Trussell

The Joe Rogan Podcast To me, there is no one creating better content than The Joe Rogan Podcast. Rogan is a prolific producer of shows and his guests are consistently captivating. Joe is a comedian at heart but his podcast does not revolve specifically around comedy. Quite often the discussions center around deconstructing life and…

Paper Ghosts Is What Every True Crime Podcast Aspires To Be

True Crime Podcast From the first moment I heard M. William Phelps’ grizzled and vaguely New England voice at the start of his first episode, I knew I was hooked.  He sounds just like what a true crime writer and podcaster should sound like.  Having written five books about serial murderers, he also has an…

7 Best Episodes Of My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder Witty and unique, the podcast My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark is a great choice for any lover of true crime.  The breadth and scope of the crimes they cover are quite impressive.  The women are not hesitant to cover disappearances, solved murders, odd crime cases and much more….

5 Best Episodes Of Sword and Scale – True Crime Podcast

5 Best Episodes Of Sword and Scale – True Crime Podcast

Sword and Scale – True Crime Podcast Introduction Sword and Scale is an American true-crime podcast. The show delivers a unique take on the genre, blurring the lines between entertainment and reality to paint a breathtaking picture of how real crimes have shaped our society. Sword and Scale relentlessly mines the dark side of human…