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The 9 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts To Dominate Your League With

Fantasy Football

Football is king and that is a beautiful thing.

While my interest in other professional sports has seemed to wane a bit as I have grown older and started a family, my passion for NFL football has increased tenfold and borderlines on an obsession.

There is no doubt that my love for fantasy football has fueled my continued and increasing interest in the NFL.

The way that pro football is covered by major sports media these days, highlighting fantasy stats and catering to fantasy players, is a clear indication that I am not alone in this dual-purpose interest in the NFL.

The explosion of fantasy football and the ascension of the NFL seems to have gone hand in hand.

A Thirst For Fantasy Football Content

I have been playing fantasy football for 20+ years now. I participate in an auction formatted dynasty league with individual defensive players, a traditional ½ point PPR league, and daily fantasy play on DraftKings.

As my time playing fantasy football has gone on I have only grown more ravenous in my desire for greater, in-depth fantasy football analysis.

Just reading a “sleepers” article in a glossy magazine that got written months prior to being published no longer satisfies my need for information and advice.

Thankfully, along with the glorious rise of fantasy football has come the explosive new media phenomena of podcasting.

There Is No Offseason

Tom Brady is back in Tampa Bay along with every other start from their Super Bowl team.

Julio Jones is now a Tennesse Titan.

An impressive rookie class is ready to embark on their pro debut but who from this rookie class will make an immediate mark in fantasy like Justin Jefferson did last year?

It has been a wild offseason so far with lots of change and many questions still to be answered. Fantasy football podcasts are more important now than ever before.

The news is coming at us at a fast and furious pace but thankfully there are a number of trustworthy and fun fantasy football podcast shows to keep us fully informed and entertained.

To help you cut through the voluminous podcast offerings that cater to all things fantasy football we have compiled a list of the most well-polished podcasts that fantasy football has to offer.

Here now for you, are The 9 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts To Dominate Your League With:

1. FantasyPros Fantasy Football Podcast

FantasyPros is the preeminent fantasy football podcast. No schtick and no unnecessary attempts at humor here. Just fantasy football analysis that flies at a fast and furious pace with co-hosts Joey P and Tags.

There is always a rotation of expert guests, like the national perspective of Ross Tucker, keeping the commentary and opinions fresh.

These guys are not afraid to get granular with the research of our beloved fantasy football landscape. The FantasyPros is the gold standard for geeked out fantasy football discussion and advice.

2. ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Show

The ESPN Fantasy Focus Football podcast benefits greatly from the clout and gravitas of the iconic ESPN brand.

Their hosts most likely get access to guests and information that most other shows are not able to get a whiff of, especially when it comes to reading the tea leaves of injury situations thanks to Stephania Bell.

Some people like to take shots at Matthew Berry, but I respect the guy. He has worked hard and built an empire of a career out of something that is a total passion in his life.

My only constructive critique for Berry and crew on the Fantasy Focus is that the attempts of humor and sidetracked discussions on the show are a bit too many and too often.

If they could somehow pull back and dial in on the football talk, I could have the Fantasy Focus ranked as the #1 overall show. When they get locked in on a passionate football debate, they are brilliant in those moments.

Check them out on Apple podcasts right here.

3. The Fantasy Footballers Podcast

Solid advice, creative segments, and a continual output of content come from these fantasy football stalwarts year-round.

The Fantasy Footballers crew jumped up significantly in these rankings last season as I have personally been drawn to their show more and more as my favored form of entertaining fantasy information.

In addition to the quality broadcast, Andy, Mike and Jason seem like good guys who are having the time of their lives talking football together for a living.

The bottom line here is these dudes bring the goods on quality football news, updates, and assessments.

They have a significant audience and go year-round with the content.

Much respect to their fantasy football grind.

4. CBS Sports Fantasy Football Today Podcast

Like the gang at ESPN, there is something to be said for having the weight and support of a national conglomerate like CBS sports as the engine driving your podcast.

The guys on the Fantasy Football Today podcast do a great job bringing high-level analysis each episode in a cheerful and spirited tone.

They also bring on good expert guests as well, a clear benefit from being associated with a national powerhouse.

5. Pro Football Focus Fantasy Football Podcast With Ian Hartitz

Pro Football Focus went through a hosting change about a year or so ago, with Jeff Ratcliff having departed, but the program rolls onward with their no-frill, deep in the weeds analysis of fantasy football.

Much respect to Pro Football Focus for delivering sharp, cutting-edge commentary to pacify our fantasy football obsessions.

Find them on Apple podcasts right here.

6. NFL Fantasy Football Podcast

Brought to you by the NFL itself, NFL Fantasy Football Podcast has the backing and support of the NFL empire.

If you are a fan of the NFL network then you will no doubt be familiar with their fantasy football personnel who grace the NFL Fantasy Live podcast, like Marcas Grant.

Similar to ESPN, the access to the league is most likely benefited by this crew too. They are polished with their production and consistent with delivering quality and actionable fantasy football advice.

7. Fade The Chalk

Fade The Chalk podcast is a relative newcomer on the scene coming to us from the comprehensive new media outlet FadeTheNoise.

FadeTheNoise is a premium fantasy sports media outlet that is prolific with a mix of free and premium paywall content that is sure to satisfy the most diehard and obsessed fantasy football nuts out there.

They made hires like Jeff Ratcliffe, previously of PFF fame, to immediately bolster their credibility.

Check out their fantasy football podcast Fade The Chalk on Apple right here.

I could see Fade The Chalk making a case to continually climb up this best-of list.

8. Harris Football – Fantasy Podcast

Chris Harris is a former ESPN employee and his time served with the renowned sports outlet shows through his steadied and informed analysis.

Harris is not big on bluster. Instead, he delivers a quality evaluation of the NFL landscape in a smooth and passionate tenor. One of the best shows going when you combine all factors of content, style, and formatting.

9. The – The Audible

The takes a cerebral approach towards dissecting the world of fantasy football.

They are fully analytical in their examination and analysis of the NFL and its players.

These guys get into the nitty-gritty and that is a beautiful thing.

Check them out on Apple podcasts right here.

Podcasts Are Perfect For Fantasy Sports

The long-form and niche-focused formatting of podcasts has been a brilliant complement to the world of fantasy football.

All of the geeked-out info nerds, myself fully included, are more than happy to hang on every word of a debate centered around the 4th wide receiver on the Cleveland Browns roster.

This is not just an August to January interest anymore, either, as the NFL calendar of activity seems to go year-round with news and transactions.

The diehards of fantasy football always have the wheels spinning in their brains, wondering how every single offseason roster move, offseason training activity, or random bit of player news could impact the fantasy football world too.

Fantasy football is now an around-the-clock, year-long obsession, and there are some big-time, high-level fantasy football podcasts out there that continually serve up fresh, compelling, and deep in the weeds analysis, ready to be streamed and your fingertips command.

Knowledge Is Power

If playing fantasy football is more than just a passive, office activity for you, then you need to stay informed and apprised of the many moving parts of the players and coaches across all 32 teams of the NFL.

Keeping up with the rosters and trends and being able to spot value in players while avoiding pitfalls could become a full-time job in itself.

That is exactly what many of the hosts and guests on the shows we featured have built for themselves, full-time careers staying enmeshed in the minutia of the NFL, and celebrating the glory that fantasy football is.

Thanks to podcasts, you now have access to all the granular, down in the dirt analysis you could ever desire surrounding fantasy football including the host’s coveted fantasy football rankings.

Go get immersed in the 9 Best Fantasy Football Podcasts and win yourself some bragging rights as the newly crowned league champ. Good luck this season.

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