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27 Joe Rogan Podcast Best Guests Ever [Your Ultimate Joe Rogan Guide]

Joe Rogan Podcast

This is your ultimate guide to the Joe Rogan podcast best guests ever.

To me, there is no one creating better podcast content than Joe Rogan. He is a prolific producer of shows and the guests and discussions are consistently compelling.

The guests on Joe’s podcast are reflective of his array of interests.

The conversations are free to go anywhere, though, regardless of the guest’s connection to Joe or the industry they represent.

While Joe is a comedian at heart, it is the recurring theme of deconstructing life that has hooked me in and kept me coming back.

There are over 1,800+ episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast available and it can appear to be almost overwhelming to get started.

To assist you in navigating his entire catalog we have compiled for you the best guests ever from the Joe Rogan podcast.

These Are The 27 Joe Rogan Podcast Best Guests Ever:
(ranked in no specific order)

1. Duncan Trussell

Duncan is a comedian and podcaster as well. He seems to possess a considerable desire for exploring consciousness and what this journey of life is truly all about.

Duncan always drops some significant nuggets of wisdom each and every time he is on the podcast. Every episode he is on is a must-view.

It is why we have boldly proclaimed in another feature article that Duncan Trussell is the undisputed, best-recurring guest ever from the Joe Rogan podcast. You can check that article out right here.

2. Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Bob Lazar is a physicist who claims to have worked on covert operations within area 51 that was focused on reverse engineering alien technology taken from alien spaceships in the possession of the United States government.

Appearing alongside Bob is documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell who produced a film about Bob that is available on Apple TV.

This episode and Bob’s story are absolutely captivating.

He seems like a credible guy to me who wants no part of the notoriety that comes along with sharing his story but at the same time feels compelled to share it for the greater good of humanity.

3. Elon Musk

At a certain point in our culture, entrepreneurial executives have become our modern-day rock stars and there may be none with a bigger profile than Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla.

Elon’s first appearance with Rogan almost broke the internet. It even had a ripple effect on Wall Street when Musk opted to partake in a cannabis session live in the studio with Joe.

Check out a clip below from his return visit with Rogan and you can find his full debut episode right here.

4. Graham Hancock

The discussions stemming from Graham Hancock are unlike any science or history you have previously encountered.

Graham, noted author, theorizes that human civilizations extend back much further than what is accepted in academia.

Based on this he also theorizes that these civilizations excelled in arts, science, and technology at levels we can not even comprehend.

These civilizations and their progress have since been wiped clean entirely due to dramatic shifts in the earth’s composition.

Check out an appearance right here.

5. Joey Diaz a.k.a. Uncle Joey

If you are a JRE faithful then you know all about Joey Diaz. He needs no further description or reasoning as to why he is on this list.

For all else out there, Joey is an old school hard nosed comedian but those words fall well short in describing his larger than life persona.

6. Mike Tyson

Tyson is one of the most intriguing figures in all of the professional sports. He transcended boxing and rose to pop culture phenom status at a shockingly young age and subsequently crashed just as hard.

He seems to be in an incredible place right now in life which is awesome to see. Iron Mike comes off as an insightful and thoughtful person in this discussion with Joe.

Check out an appearance right here.

7. Alex Jones

This entry of Alex Jones onto this best of feature has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with absolute insanity. All appearances by Jones are just flat out bonkers.

The guy’s stark raving, conspiratorial madness is on full display as a guest with Joe.

8. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is much. more than a comedian. He is a Hollywood powerhouse, entrepreneur, and overall inspiring figure.

His discussion with Joe is high-energy, fully entertaining, and everything you would expect from this duo together.

Check out the entire episode right here.

9. Bill Burr

Bill Burr is a riot and an incredible podcaster in his own right.

He and Joe always have great, comedic flow together.

It is never a disappointment when these two get together.

I could listen to Burr rant for hours on end.

10. Dr. Carl Hart

Dr. Hart is a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Dr. Hart specializes in addiction and drug abuse. His episodes should be mandatory viewing for every single citizen of the globe.

I would imagine he is a polarizing figure and people are going to have strong reactions either way to his stances on drugs and their role with humanity.

His voice and role in society for speaking truth to the state of drug abuse in our modern-day is critical.

Check out an appearance right here.

11. Ben Shapiro

I do not agree with much of Ben Shapiro’s politics but I welcome guests like Ben who can challenge my own perspectives.

The older I am getting the more I try to seek varying opinions on the day’s pressing matters.

I have found Shapiro to be more reasonable on his two appearances with Joe on certain topics than I would have thought from my preconceived notions of what he is about.

Check out a clip below and a full episode with Joe right here.

Make sure to also check out our feature on the 7 Best Conservative Podcasts, featuring Shapiro, right here.

12. Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle is arguably the funniest and most important comic in the past 25 years of comedy.

He is sparing with his media appearances so having this kind of unfiltered access to his candid thoughts and hilarious perspective on life is a real treat.

Check out a clip below and then his full appearance right here.

13. Kyle Kingsbury

Personally not being a big MMA enthusiast I almost skipped over Kyle’s first appearance with Joe but I decided to give it a chance. I am so thankful I did. I was intrigued while watching the entire episode.

Kyle, a former MMA competitor, maintains a serious interest in overall life performance. He directly inspired me to become even more diligent and disciplined with my diet.

Kyle’s debut JRE episode also played a role in me taking a break from drinking booze.

Check out an appearance right here.

14. Michael Wood

Michael is a former Marine and former Baltimore City police officer. Those two credentials lend some major credibility to the sensitive and topical discussion on the state of policing in our country.

His ability to pull the curtain back on policing in Baltimore city with complete honesty and in-depth storytelling is captivating.

Wood is a highly impressive individual and does not seem to have any sort of hidden or personal agenda.

He seems legitimately troubled by things he encountered as an inner-city police officer and is now looking to shed light on what he sees as some troubles with the institution of policing.

Check out an appearance right here.

15. Russell Brand

Russell is a comedian and actor with an overall high-wired personality. He has lived a fascinating life.

Brand has overcome major drug addiction and traversed a rather public marriage and divorce to pop star Katy Perry.

Russell is a big advocate for exploring consciousness and seeking a more enlightened path in life.

16. Sam Harris

Sam is a neuroscientist, author, philosopher, and podcaster. He is a rather polarizing figure and creates a good bit of news and controversy with some of his opinions.

I do not agree with everything he says but I am always open to his thoughts and appreciative of just how smart this guy is.

Sam always brings deep and robust discussions to the table with Joe. They share strong chemistry together.

Check out an appearance right here.

17. Jordan Peterson

Jordan is a clinical psychologist and professor and seems to often be embroiled in some sort of controversy relating to his critiques of political correctness.

Regardless of your thoughts on some of his views, Jordan clearly has some wisdom to dispense in regards to life and self-empowerment.

18. Paul Stamets

If you make the mistake of thinking you are about to be bored because this guest is a mycologist, meaning expert of all things fungi, please reconsider.

There is some jaw-dropping discussion here with potential ramifications for humanity at large.

From the number of comments I receive from the Joe Rogan faithful, I think many agree Paul Stamets rightfully belongs amongst the greatest guests ever for Joe.

19. Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden might be one of the biggest gets Joe has ever landed as an exclusive interview guest throughout the entire history of his podcast and recently had him back for a return appearance.

Snowden is the former intelligence contractor who ended up copying and leaking highly-classified material in regards to a massive surveillance campaign that he felt was unconstitutional.

Snowden is quite the polarizing figure and Rogan is arguably the premier podcaster in the entire podcasting landscape so any discussion between these two causes quite a stir online.

Check out his full debut appearance right here along with a clip below from his recent visit.

20. Jocko Willink

It is Jocko. Nothing else needs to be said but perhaps “Good”. Jocko is a legendary retired Navy Seal and a powerhouse podcaster in his own right.

21. Josh Dubin And Jason Flom

The episode that Rogan recorded with these two guests might be one of the most important podcasts he has ever done.

Jason Flom and Josh Dubin have made it their mission in life to advocate and fight on behalf of people that are wrongfully convicted and doing significant amounts of jail time.

The discussion and the stories these guests share are maddening, informing, and gut-wrenching at times. At one point Rogan is even moved to tears.

This is an eye-opening episode for all of society. You can check the guest’s own Wrongful Conviction podcast out right here.

22. Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Patrick has built an online platform FoundMyFitness centered around her passion for life extension and wellness research.

Dr. Patrick is a recurring guest on Joe’s podcast and she consistently brings to the table highly informative findings from research on optimizing performance in life.

There is no bro-science being bandied about when Dr. Patrick is on the show.

As important as the credibility of her information is, Dr. Patrick also has a casual and easy-going manner in sharing her findings making it easy for the entire audience to benefit from her expertise.

Check out a clip below and an appearance right here.

23. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and an author but those titles seem to limit his greatness in comparison to the impact he is making on our society.

He is single-handedly making science cool and approachable for all of us. I can listen to him wax poetically about the cosmos for hours on end.

He has now made several appearances alongside Joe and in each episode, the pair get into highly intriguing discussions on a variety of topics.

24. Randall Carlson

Randall was the first guest and episode I ever watched of the JRE podcast.

I do not consider myself a science enthusiast, but Randall is a compelling character and his brand of science is incredibly fascinating.

Randall has theories about asteroidal impacts causing seismic global shifts in geology and humanity, particularly around the ice ages.

Some of the far-flung implications and possibilities from these theories that Randall and Joe discuss are jaw-dropping.

No other platform than Joe’s podcast could give Randall the time and respect his science deserves.

Check out an appearance right here.

25. Cmdr. David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell

Commander David Fravor is a retired U.S. Navy pilot who claims to have had an encounter with an alien aircraft while undertaking military exercises off the west coast of the United States.

His encounter had some video footage to accompany his story and the saga has become known as the “Tic Tac” UFO sighting.

Jeremy Corbell, who accompanies Fravor, is the documentarian filmmaker who produced the film about Bob Lazar and appeared alongside Lazar on the aforementioned #1 episode of 2019 for the Joe Rogan podcast.

I found Fravor incredibly compelling and authentic in the retelling of his story, which is absolutely nuts to hear told in such vivid detail by an honorable, military serviceman.

26. Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon is a comedian who does not fall in line with any sort of leftist, Hollywood agenda if such a thing even exists.

Dillon marches to the beat of his own drummer and is not afraid to align with right-leaning perspectives or ridicule the left with his comedy.

Tim has become somewhat of a semi-recurring guest as of late with Joe and has blown up as a powerhouse persona through his own podcast.

27. Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece is a badass. I wish she would be more of a semi-recurring guest with Joe.

There is so much more going on with Reece beyond the athletic prowess.

She has an incredible perspective on determination, self-worth, and making your way in the world.

As a father, I appreciate her thoughts on parenting as well.

The Rise Of Content Online

There is a remarkable amount of content being produced and offered in this day and age.

The internet has completely blown away the old guard when it comes to means of production and access to outlets of distribution for artists and content producers.

Art and information used to flow from a top-down model with a significant few entities controlling what was made available for the public to consume.

Big budgets and complicated equipment were required to record an album or produce video and audio content.

Art and content that did get created had little options for being disseminated to the masses and typically had to pass through the approval of high-powered gatekeepers, like record labels or television studio executives.

These folks at the helm of major entertainment conglomerates were often beholden to boardrooms, stock prices, and profits.

So to say there were conflicting motives for what art and information did get released is an understatement. The internet shattered that model to pieces.

The ability to create and record quality music and video content has never been easier or cheaper. The means and outlets for distributing this content directly to consumers are plentiful.

The overlords of the old guard have been rendered merely useless.

Content, art, and ideas can now flow from anyone and spread out amongst the public by the people themselves. There has been an explosion of content online.

It is a brilliant new day for the expression and sharing of art, entertainment, and information.

The only resulting problem for the public with this new wealth of content is how to wade through it all and get to what is enjoyable for you.

For Rogan’s show, we are providing you with a great starting point with the 27 Joe Rogan podcast best guests ever guide.

I would suggest checking out every single episode attributable to each of these guests. You will get to see the evolution of the production quality of the podcast over the years.

Starting from a relatively grainy video feed to a now high-definition look in a modest, yet sharp-looking studio.

When it comes to selecting other episodes beyond this list I would avoid basing the potential value off of your preconceived views of the guest or the industry they come from.

I am not a big MMA fan, however, the Kyle Kingsbury episode was one of the best discussions I ever watched on Joe’s show.

I had never even heard of Kyle prior to viewing that episode and thought about skipping over it, but I am thankful I gave it a shot.

There were some life-inspiring moments in that episode and I am grateful to have watched it.

Beyond The Laughs

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has become a favored form of entertainment for me. Ironically enough the comedy and laughs are probably the least of what continually pulls me back to the show.

There are some quality laughs to be had, but the show has provided such a greater and deeper value to me.

Joe’s basic tenets in life are grounded in the concepts of treating people well and working hard. Everything he does seems to flow from those two principles.

While he goes about working hard he seems to maintain a grand curiosity about the meaning of life and where humanity could be heading.

His intrigue with humanity tends to attract like-minded and wildly interesting guests to his platform.

A platform Joe created which allows for long-form conversations to be had away from the trappings and confines of big corporate executives with their corporate agendas.

It is the breadth and depth of these conversations that have provided me with countless hours of impactful entertainment.

There have also been some impactful moments on the Joe Rogan podcast that have sparked some considerable changes in my own life.

Changes that have made a powerful and positive impact on my health, career, and relationships.

Joe Rogan Podcast Impact

There have been many moments on The Joe Rogan Podcast that have sparked some considerable changes in my life.

My dietary strategies, my pursuit of happiness in life, and the way I tend to personal relationships have all been positively shaped by Joe and his guests.

It is not being overblown or playing up to a heightened sense of drama to state that Joe Rogan and his podcast are helping to impact lives and improve upon the discourse in our society.

The concept of Joe introducing “debates” into his podcast was a welcomed change of pace from the standard one on one interview and something I personally hope to see more of from the show in the future.

Joe has had group debates on polarizing topics such as the legitimacy of the pro-vegan film Game Changers as well as the effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis.

We need modeling in our society for a healthier and more constructive manner of debate and we clearly can not turn to politicians or major heads of corporations to set the example.

Joe has organically taken up the cause of improving our civil discourse in society although he would most likely deny any interest or responsibility for such outcomes and instead focus only on having interesting conversations to stoke his curiosity.

The Benefits Of Independence

Joe Rogan has built his online empire in a way that is often envied but difficult in pulling off and that is by remaining 100% independent in his podcast production and distribution.

Rogan has mentioned off-handedly that he has received offers for obscene amounts of money to move his show to other platforms, but he remains steadfast in his desire to be the sole captain of his ship.

He has never once had to compromise his artistic vision to the agendas of big business or outside investors and the integrity and qualify of his show shines through because of that.

Rogan has always channeled his focus of the show on the conversations with guests, allowing their shared dialogue to be the driving force behind the production of the podcast.

That approach compels him to be as prolific as ever with a constant output of multiple shows per week often clocking in over 3 hours per show.

He was innately aware at the start of his show that if his approach and intentions were pure in the pursuit of his podcast, focusing solely on the joy of conversations with intriguing people, everything else from an audience and monetization standpoint would organically fall into place.

I would imagine his years spent working tirelessly as a burgeoning standup comedian forged his ethos of focusing on your craft first and doggedly relying only on yourself for growth.

It is a value system that transferred well into his podcasting endeavors and has allowed him to amass one of the most commercially and critically acclaimed podcasts in the history of the format, all 100% within his own creative control.

We the audience, benefit mightily from Joe’s persistence and insistence on staying the course as a wholly independent entity.

Spotify Exclusive Podcast

Rogan sent seismic shockwaves through the entire industry of media when he recently announced that he signed a deal with Spotify to become the exclusive distributor of the Joe Rogan podcast.

It was such a massive move that it compelled a New York Times opinion writer to proclaim Rogan “the new mainstream media”.

Well, what about all the independence of his show we just spent previous paragraphs glowing about?

Joe would argue none of those independent values will be compromised in any way.

He notes this deal is purely a licensing model, which allows Spotify the right to be his only outlet for distributing his show, as opposed to taking on equity investments from Spotify.

Let us hear directly from the man himself, on his recent and major announcement.

Spotify Controversy

The move to Spotify has not come without controversy.

When Rogan’s entire back catalog was migrated over to the platform in early September 2020 there was a significant amount of episodes that were missing.

The missing episodes all seemed to contain a common theme of either polarizing figures, mostly right-leaning personas, or specific bits of content that did not age well over time.

That initial controversy pales in comparison to the firestorm of chaos that has been swirling around Rogan as of late.

First off, were the cries of disinformation relating to Rogan’s handling of certain guests around the topic of Covid.

While I do feel that Joe has evolved from being curious and inquisitive about Covid to instead having more of a stance that he is looking to fortify through certain guests and questions, we should welcome the differing perspectives no matter our own personal views.

From the beginning of the pandemic, it seems the guidance from science and government has been wrought with information that turned out to be questionable or flat-out wrong as our understanding of the pandemic has progressed.

We should not silence discussions unless someone is being outright hateful and ill-intentioned. Joe himself took to Instagram and owned up to needing to do a better job of fact-checking and preparing for guests that are related to health issues.

On the heels of the medical disinformation blowup, things only got more concerning for Rogan and his relationship with Spotify as a video clip surfaced that featured highly-edited content from Joe’s show in which he used the “N” word multiple times and told a regretful joke with racist tones.

Anyone who has spent even the slightest bit of time watching actual episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast knows that Joe is a caring, compassionate person who champions for everyone to treat people kindly, work hard, and find fulfillment in life.

We need to allow people the space to make mistakes, learn, and evolve, as every single one of us has had regrettable moments in life.

It is our larger body of work in life, how we consistently treat others, and the accountability we take for mistakes that ultimately matters most at the end of the day.

I will let Joe speak for himself once again, through another video he posted to his Instagram.

Top Of The Podcast Game

The Joe Rogan Podcast has been a consistent form of daily entertainment for me having eclipsed The Howard Stern Show years ago for my listening habits.

Ironically enough, the comedic element of Rogan’s podcast is not what continually pulls me back to the show.

There are some quality laughs to be had for sure, but Rogan and his guests have provided such a greater enriching of my life, far beyond anything humor could do.

Joe Rogan seems like a good guy whose basic tenets in life are grounded in the concepts of treating people well and working hard.

Everything he believes in and does seems to flow from those two principles and he is consistent in messaging these values.

When he makes a misstep or deviates from his own values he quickly takes ownership and looks to course-correct by doing better in life.

He walks the walk through his professions and passions he pursues and he exemplifies them daily in the conversations he shares with his frequent flow of guests in and out of his studio.

Joe does not agree with all the stances his guests take but he treats them with respect and seeks to understand, at the very least.

That is an approach society could benefit from through all of us incorporating it into our daily routines of communications with others.

5 Things I Learned From The Joe Rogan Podcast

The Joe Rogan Podcast is an absolute podcasting juggernaut. The download and viewing statistics of Joe’s shows are mind-bending.

Joe has amassed his robust audience by consistently putting out long-form, value-rich content with an assortment of intriguing guests.

While The Joe Rogan Podcast can be fun and entertaining, I have personally been impacted in a positive manner from Joe’s show.

There are many areas of my life that have been influenced by the podcast and I am grateful for all of the inspiration from the show.

In honor of Joe and his guests, I have compiled some thoughts to detail some of the life lessons and wisdom I have gathered through the years of consuming Joe’s show.

Here are 5 Things I Learned From The Joe Rogan Podcast:

5. Seek A Diversity Of Opinions

This is an area that Joe Rogan often catches some heat online but it is an area I most value and respect about his show.

Joe is open to bringing on a wide and diverse range of opinions onto his show and he allows the time and space for those guests to share their perspectives in a free-flowing and open dialogue.

Joe has been ridiculously branded as an alt-right sympathizer or chastised for giving a platform to the hard right but I just do not see merit in those mischaracterizations of Joe and his podcast.

He has absolutely welcomed guests like Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro to his podcast and for myself, as a left-leaning progressive individual, I am grateful for the exposure to differing perspectives.

Go check out the entire listing of the 5 Things I Learned From The Joe Rogan Podcast right here!

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Who was your favorite guest from our 27 Joe Rogan Podcast Best Guests ever guide? Who did we leave off that should be making this list? Leave a comment. We want to hear from you.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

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