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9 Best Episodes Of The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is here to fight. 

She is fighting back against woke politics. Fighting back against cancel culture. 

Fighting back against a media that she sees as too often carrying water for the left. 

When Megyn Kelly chooses to fight it has nothing to do with demonizing others, though, or fanning the flames of extremism. 

That type of fight has no place in Megyn Kelly’s world. 

When Megyn Kelly fights, she calls out hypocrisy as she sees it and holds no institution or individual free from scrutiny. 

Kelly also consciously strives to maintain her journalistic integrity while demanding accountability from all. 

Freed from the binds of major corporate conglomerates, Kelly is now taking her fight to the world through her own independent outfit Devil May Care Media.

Her first venture through Devil May Care Media is her own flagship show The Megyn Kelly Show

To her credit and to the betterment of The Megyn Kelly Show, this is no right-leaning echo chamber. 

Sure, there are preeminent conservative thought leaders and media types that populate the prolific output of episodes produced by Kelly and her team but the show and conversations are smartly balanced from a wide range of perspectives. 

Kelly welcomes personas like former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proving The Megyn Kelly Show can serve as a welcomed and credible platform for much-needed honest, long-form discourse on today’s most pressing issues. 

Kelly has been producing episodes at a fast and furious pace. She hit the ground running, debuting in September 2020, and has never looked back. 

To help you get informed with the most compelling content coming from The Megyn Kelly Show, we have compiled for you her very best episodes. 

Here are the 9 Best Episodes Of The Megyn Kelly Show:

9. Mark Cuban on Family, Social Justice, and NBA Ratings

I personally go back and forth between my feelings on Cuban, the mega-billionaire tech founder and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. 

I generally find him a smart and fun personality who seems to have interesting takes on just about any topic or matter.

In other moments he seems to veer off into the lane of an ego-maniacal jerk.

I am not sure that many get to the heights of success that he has reached, though, without having some component of off-putting ego in their makeup. 

Wow, Kelly and Cuban get into here. It is awesome to listen to. 

They get heated over social justice issues and butt heads over what some could perceive as woke politics infiltrating the NBA and other professional sports. 

It got especially rough when Kelly pressed Cuban on potentially being a hypocrite for cozying up to China, a massive revenue stream for the NBA, while turning a blind eye to their human rights abuses.

The two remain civil, though, even pausing themselves to acknowledge the tension is rising in their discussion but they still like and respect each other as people. 

It is excellent modeling for our larger society showing that two people can disagree, even vehemently, but still recognize each other for the human beings that they are. 

8. Election Consequences, with Chris Christie and James Carville

In this episode, Kelly hosts some political conversations with two polar opposites from the political spectrum. As a center-left leaning individual myself I often find Chris Christie a sensible and “just get it done” type of politician. 

I was a little confounded by his unyielding support of Trump but he openly discusses that in this episode and also clearly states where he draws a line in that support as well. 

James Carville is quite the character. I am sure he infuriates the right. His folksy charm and quick wit probably only serve to further exacerbate their feelings on him. 

This is a rather intriguing discussion Carville has with Kelly especially when it turns to his thoughts on the hard progressive left and rising stars within that camp like AOC.

7. Alan Dershowitz on SCOTUS, Epstein, and OJ

You may potentially see a theme repeated in some of these episode write-ups in which I personally had some preconceived notions of a situation changed by finally getting to hear directly from another side of the story. 

Anytime I saw a mention in the media of famed attorney Alan Dershowitz to either be working for or adding supportive commentary for Donald Trump’s first impeachment, I was always a bit dismissive of Dershowitz.

I especially did not understand why he would be taking the stances he did or even remotely want to be involved in that situation on behalf of Trump. 

His conversation with Kelly was illuminating for me and I came away with a completely different perspective on what the motives were for Alan Dershowitz during that time. 

He also put himself on an island by defending Trump, which he believes he was bound to do by the oath he took. 

Dershowitz suffered tremendous blowback professionally and personally as a result. 

I may not look to have a cup of coffee with the guy, nor does he even know who the heck I am, but I appreciated and respected his explanations and beliefs around his time of defending Trump. 

6. Matt Taibbi on the Media, Cancel Culture, and the Democratic Establishment

Matt Taibbi is the man. He is one of the more credible journalists out there who has done some remarkable reporting on government and Wall Street through Rolling Stone. 

His knowledge of systems runs deep and his takes are always sharp and thought-provoking.

He also has much to say on the current state of journalism and shares some concerns regarding his peers during this discussion with Kelly.

Matt Taibbi seems beholden to no corporate entity and truly follows his journalistic values in the work he does. 

Anytime I get to hear Taibbi on a long-form podcast platform like this episode with Kelly, it is always informative and entertaining. 

5. Andrew Sullivan on America, the Media, and Fighting for Freedom

I have known of Andrew Sullivan for quite some time due to his many appearances with Bill Maher on his various iterations of Politically Incorrect. 

Sullivan is a conservative political commentator, writer, and quite the passionate personality in the setting of a talk-show format. 

Sullivan is another individual who I may not line up with from a purely political identification perspective but he often makes great sense to me.

Sullivan seems to be more about championing freedom, practicality, and decency over towing any certain party line. 

He is a sharp thinker and holds great regard for American democracy, as a native to Britain, and is staunch in his defense of liberty and freedom. 

4. Sam Harris on Political Tribalism, Cultural Divisions and Finding Inner Peace

Sam Harris is brilliant. He is a neuroscientist, devout atheist, and prolific podcaster in his own right. 

He has authored several books including Waking Up which is a fascinating perspective on exploring consciousness and spirituality outside the potential trappings of organized religion. 

Harris is also known for taking hard stances against woke politics and cancel culture. 

He and Kelly are simpatico when it comes to railing against hard-left agendas but they certainly did not see eye to eye on all things during this conversation.

Especially when the discussion turned to Trump and debating on just how damaging his behavior and Presidency truly was, Harris and Kelly challenged each other’s views.

It was two heavyweight thinkers respectfully debating with no constraints of time and free from corporate overreach meddling into the production. 

It is these moments that underscore the impact of Megyn Kelly being on her own independent platform. 

3. Dave Portnoy and Erika Nardini on Barstool’s Success, Authenticity, and Helping Small Businesses

Dave Portnoy is a polarizing figure but I am not so sure he deserves to be? The origin story of Barstool Sports is the classic American dream scenario.

Portnoy built the brash, comedic, sports brand from scratch as a DIY solo operator.

He hustled like crazy, starting as a print newspaper, and did everything himself from the printing, advertising, marketing, and distribution.

And when I say distribution, I am not talking about managing warehouses and fleets of truck drivers. I am talking about Dave himself running around the Subway platforms of Boston handing out as many copies of his paper as possible each and every day. 

Dave is now at the helm of a multi-media juggernaut that is rapidly approaching a 1 Billion dollar evaluation. He is the American dream. 

Dave details the many battles he has been embroiled in as his crass media empire has ascended alongside the proliferation of cancel culture. 

His Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini then joins Dave, and along with Kelly. The trio gets into some interesting discussion on what it truly means to be a feminist. 

2. Glenn Greenwald on Trump and the Media, MSNBC, and Edward Snowden

Megyn kicks off her brand new podcast through quite a fascinating discussion with journalist Glenn Greenwald about the current-day media. 

Glenn was the journalist who Edward Snowden turned to in divulging his story of what he felt was government overreach and illegal wiretapping.

The Snowden piece is enough of a hook to create an incredible episode but the discussion with Kelly and Greenwald gets much wider and deeper than that. 

I was also particularly interested to hear their take on journalism in the context of the Joe Rogan podcast, Rogan’s open door to right-leaning guests, and the subsequent biased coverage Rogan seems to receive in the media.

Kelly set the bar high with this debut episode but she has thankfully risen to maintain this standard throughout her production of shows. 

1. Tech Censorship and Independent Media, with Glenn Greenwald and the CEOs of Parler and Substack

This episode is exactly why we need this platform that Kelly created. 

For me personally, it gets me out of my left-leaning cable news cycles and properly exposes me to people and perspectives I might otherwise never get a chance to listen to.

Parler is the social media platform that champions free-thought and decries censorship.

Republicans had descended upon the burgeoning platform as an escape from what they felt was a leftist atmosphere on Twitter but Parler also seemed to attract the most extreme elements of the right as well.  

I will acknowledge that prior to this episode and hearing the CEO of Parler, John Matze, I had held notions on what the platform was only from headlines and soundbites buzzing around the mainstream media.

Parler made massive news when in the wake of the insurrection attempt at our Nation’s Capitol building they were brought offline, not only through app stores like Apple but at the hosted server level through Amazon as well. 

While I do not agree necessarily with everything Matze said during this episode, and even Kelly challenged him on implementing better quality control for direct violence-inciting content, I do feel like he was even-headed, sensible, and likely got a raw deal here.

The guy’s business was rapidly yanked out from underneath him by just a few tech executives. These are corporate executives who clearly wield a significant amount of power and censorship capabilities that we in general society may have never even been aware of. 

What happened to Matze’s business should not be left unexamined and his side of the story needs to be reverberating out there more in the mainstream coverage of big tech and censorship. 

Megyn Kelly And Independence 

Megyn Kelly bows to no ideology or political party. She eschews political party talking points. 

She is swift and firm in her critiques of all sides but always retains her journalistic integrity when offering her thoughts.

Kelly’s approach to news and social commentary had garnered her a national platform on Fox News after a highly-successful stint as an attorney.

Now free from any corporate trappings, Megyn Kelly is striking out on her own and completely free to program her show as she sees fit.

It is the best move she could have made at this point in her career.

Megyn Kelly has an open-door policy for her podcast and welcomes any and all perspectives onto her show.

Much like the Joe Rogan Podcast, Kelly wants conversations to be shared with thought leaders from a diversity of backgrounds. 

High-profile, non-conservative guests like Andrew Yang and James Carville prove that Kelly is living her journalistic values of wanting fair and open dialogue.

Make no mistake, though, Kelly’s conservative streak can and does run hot. 

Kelly gets fired up especially when the topic turns to woke politics and cancel culture.

She believes society has ceded far too much ground to a rabid minority with an agenda that has spiraled out of control. 

Kelly feels that hard-left progressive tactics impede upon common sense, let alone people’s freedom and liberties.

Megyn Kelly is here to fight.

She now has the proper independent new-media platform to do so. 

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