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The Keto Police 

If you have spent any amount of time online either casually browsing for ketogenic diet tips or fastidiously researching the science behind the potential benefits of a keto lifestyle then you have most likely encountered the keto police. 

Yes, while the keto police is a cute and funny made-up name to describe a certain sort of online presence within the keto community, their means and manner of disseminating ketogenic dogma and brow-beating those that do not rigidly adhere to their keto commandments is a real and sometimes disheartening phenomenon.

While the surface-level simplicity of keto is something that initially attracted me to the diet there can admittedly be lots of confusion or even potential pitfalls within the nuances of a low-carb lifestyle. 

It is easy to make some common missteps, never gain traction, or especially backslide on the keto diet after initially seeing positive results with weight loss. 

When we find ourselves at a crossroads with keto or just simply needing a tip or hack regarding ketogenic dietary strategies, going online can sometimes be quite the chore.

Between the untrustworthy bro-science advice that is plentiful online and the keto police looking to shame or disavow your efforts, it can be quite confusing on where to turn to get sound, actionable advice for your low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. 

If you have ever found yourself in a desire for credentialed keto advice delivered in a thoughtful and grounded manner, then you must become familiar with Amy Berger and her Tuit Nutrition platform. 

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Amy Berger & Tuit Nutrition 

Amy is the real deal, as a certified nutritionist, author, blogger, and now also thankfully a Youtube Creator. The advice she doles out is wrapped up in common sense and allows space for people to be human and flawed, as we all are. 

There is no adhering to a ketogenic dogma when Amy delivers her guidance and she accounts for the struggles and often wavering nature of a weight loss journey that can be fraught with insecurities, mistakes, and challenges. 

Whether you are a keto newbie looking to get an understanding of the basics or you are an early adopter of a low-carb lifestyle looking to optimize your strategies, Amy Berger and her Tuit Nutrition platform have something to offer everyone. 

Her relatively recent addition of a YouTube channel to her already popular blog has been a welcomed boost to the quantity and quality of content that Amy creates. 

To help pay homage to one of the most trustworthy voices in the low-carb and ketogenic community and to also help you with a curated list of some of Amy’s best work, we have compiled her 13 best videos for you.

These are the 13 Best Ketogenic Diet Videos from Amy Berger and her Tuit Nutrition Platform:

1. Stop Kidding Yourself on Keto

2. Struggling on Keto? Get Real About Your Carbs

3. Top 5 Things That STALL Weight Loss on Keto

Check out the full video right here.

4. No such thing as keto macros!



Check out the full video right here.


8. Keto Confusion – Who Should You Trust & How Do You Vet info?

Check out the full video right here.

9. What You DON’T Need to Worry About on Keto

10. The Stall Slayer!!

Check out the full video right here.

11. Stupid Phrase: “That’s Not Keto.”

12. Binary/Black & White Thinking in Keto

13. Keto for Migraines

Check out the full video right here.

Keto Diet Mistakes

I have personally stumbled a bit while on my own journey with Keto. While the big-picture concepts of a ketogenic lifestyle always felt straightforward to me there were a few different ways in which I encountered a plateau and have even backslid at times with my weight management while doing keto.

Salt Deficiency

The first keto mistake I encountered happened early in my adoption of the lifestyle and I personally feel it is the easiest and biggest mistake to make while doing keto and that is becoming deficient in sodium. In other words, not consuming or retaining enough salt. 

Apparently, when we restrict carbohydrates from our diets it is easier for the body to flush out sodium. If you are a coffee drinker or especially if you combine intermittent fasting with a low-carb lifestyle, the excretion of sodium becomes even more exaggerated.

The symptoms of salt deficiency can be lethargy and a foggy brain. Some may mistake a simple salt deficiency for feeling like the keto diet is failing them or not right for them and so they simply give up. 

Being conscious of your salt intake, even adding some pink salt crushed up right into a glass of water, can make an immediate impact on how you feel mentally and physically.  

Check out an expert as opposed to just hearing from me, some random bro online, in regards to salt. Dr. James DiNicolanonio authored an eye-opening and illuminating book called The Salt Fix.

In The Salt Fix, Dr. D. completely debunks all of the bad science that demonized salt in the past and highlights the importance of salt when living a low-carb lifestyle or actually for any lifestyle. 

Also, be aware of magnesium and potassium as two other minerals that might require some form of supplementation to help optimize your wellness levels on a ketogenic diet. 

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Too Much Fat 

Watch out for the keto police showing up during this specific discussion. Yes, despite what the keto police may shout at you online, I feel there can be such a thing as too much fat on a keto diet. 

But, do not just take my experience as gospel, please instead refer to this comprehensive article by our featured expert Amy Berger.

For me, cheese, dark chocolate, nuts, and nut butter are all food types I enjoy while adhering to keto principles but they are also very easy to overdo within a sitting.

Especially early on in keto, you may be excited to learn about snacks such as “fat bombs” or take enthusiastically to adding butter in your coffee or cooking with heavy cream. 

Just be forewarned that you can get to a dangerous place for weight management where you can be consuming more fat than your body requires.

I have had all of those types of food items directly contribute at times to either hitting a wall with weight management or even worse backsliding and gaining a few unwanted pounds. 

I do not need articles or videos or debates with the keto police to confirm whether there is such a thing as too much fat on a keto diet. I have lived it and experienced it firsthand. 

For some, this may be more of a concern than it is for others. We are all unique and wired differently. Just be aware and keep an open mind as you move through your own keto journey. 

Too Little Protein

For me, consuming the right amount of protein has been one of the more confounding and trying parts of adhering to an optimal keto lifestyle.

Lately, I am leaning towards the practice that there is no such thing as excessive protein, as your body will typically become fully satiated and not allow you to gorge on a steak like you could on potato chips or cheese. 

I am also no longer worried about too much protein kicking my body out of ketosis. That is often the biggest fear you see voiced within the keto community regarding protein, that excessive amounts can kick you out of ketosis, but I think the bigger fear or concern is being protein deficient. 

I have been upping my weight training activity at a gym within the past several months and I have been conscious of upping my protein consumption accordingly. I feel my body needs it and is responding positively to the increased intake of protein. 

I suggest checking out and following Dr. Ted Naiman on Twitter who is probably the biggest protein evangelist out there. 

Dr. Naiman has a brilliant way of backing up his philosophies on protein through simple and actionable graphics. 


Why I Am Keto

I typically state that I came to the ketogenic diet to shed some unwanted weight but I am now staying with the ketogenic diet because of the sustained physical and mental energy benefits. 

Being freed from the post-lunch crash that I used to experience on a daily basis while at work has been a total game-changer for productivity and for also simply being happier and more engaged in life. 

Just that benefit alone, no more afternoon bonking, is a sound enough reason for me to stick with a ketogenic lifestyle, even if I am taking more of a modified approach lately. 

Intermittent Fasting

If you have done some research online regarding the keto diet then you have most likely seen mentions of intermittent fasting along with ketogenic dietary tips.

The two strategies do seem to go hand in hand with the benefits of each practice seemingly boosting the effects of the other. 

I have personally found intermittent fasting to be the magic bullet for burning fat in areas of my body that were previously challenging to make any sort of progress through diet alone. 

Intermittent fasting is exactly as it sounds with periods of abstaining from food followed up with a shortened window of time for feeding. 

For tips and hacks on intermittent fasting from two of the leading YouTube Creator experts on the concept, check out the best intermittent fasting videos from Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Eric Berg. 

Find Your Own Way 

People need to find what personally works for them, what delivers results, and especially what are sustainable dietary strategies for their lifestyle.

No one dietary strategy is a perfect fit across our broad spectrum of unique physiological wirings. No one dietary strategy is perfectly appealing to our own personal pleasure senses of food as well.

That is something that I feel that often gets lost with much of the dietary advice offered online. Food is such a complex issue for humans with pleasure sensors and emotions and coping mechanisms all enmeshed in the core function of eating food, which is to deliver nutrients and energy.

Amy Berger gets all of this and creates content that is vulnerable, thoughtful, and appealing to the more practical and emotional components of our experiences with dietary lifestyles. 

Right now, I am not even sure I am a fully practicing keto adherer. I am done trying to shed weight and I am basically at a maintenance stage right now with some recent focus on trying to build some lean muscle mass. 

Ultimately, I am desiring to balance strategies with the pleasure of food as well. I even enjoy a non-alcoholic craft beer now and then, gluten and all. Yikes, imagine that keto police!

The bottom line, I am eating and staying active to be healthy, feel happy and enjoy good food. My current low-carb lifestyle is delivering all of those benefits to me. 

You should experiment, try things, make mistakes, and learn what works best for you. 

If and when you are ready to learn more or optimize your keto lifestyle, Tuit Nutrition has you covered with all the sound and reasoned advice you need.

Most importantly, It is advice delivered by Amy Berger, a credentialed expert who cares about you as a person and not just a robotic, macronutrient counter.

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