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8 Best Tennis Podcasts-Top Shows That Hit Straight Down the Line

Comedy may be the leading genre in the US, but sports podcasts aren’t far down the list, showing how entertaining they can be. 22% listen to comedy podcasts, while as many as 17% listen to sports podcasts, and a big part of those are about tennis. 

If you want to join them and learn interesting things about the sport and the players, you need at least a few great shows to test out. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a detailed list of some of the best tennis podcasts on the web. Check the list and pick several to try out, and we guarantee you’ll find at least one you’ll listen to regularly. Game, set, and listen!

1. The Tennis Podcast

Arguably the best and certainly the most popular in the world of tennis shows, The Tennis Podcast is a weekly British podcast meant for anyone who likes tennis. It’s ideal for both passionate fans and occasional enthusiasts. The hosts are David Law, a BBC Radio commentator, Catherine Whitaker, an Amazon Prime Video UK presenter, and Matt Roberts, a TV reporter. 

The podcast is followed in over 100 countries and has had around 20 million downloads. Even though it’s a weekly show, it goes on daily during one of the four Grand Slams, so you can get the latest news on what’s happening on the ground. With more than 1,000 episodes, most of which are between 40 minutes and an hour long, there’s plenty of content to listen to. Check any episodes about a Grand Slam, and you’ll see the hosts at their best. 

2. Beyond the Baseline

Beyond the Baseline is the official podcast from Sports Illustrated, run by Jon Wertheim, the executive editor and senior writer of the magazine and one of the most successful sports journalists in the US. In the show, Jon talks to various personalities from the world of tennis and beyond. For instance, Dirk Nowitzki and Jake Elliott were some of the more famous guests. 

The podcast typically comes out every Thursday, with more than 200 episodes to listen to. Most of them are between 30 and 45 minutes long. If you want to start, try out Lindsay Davenport on WTA Storylines, Mike Bryan on Twin Brother Bob’s Comeback, or IMG’s Max Eisenbud on 2021 Tennis

3. Podcast

Part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network, the Podcast is a straight-up talk show with guests in every episode. That’s precisely where this podcast shines, as it brings a diverse cast of people from the tennis world, including top players, low-ranking players, coaches, and even commentators. 

WTA player Irina Falconi and Nina Pantic were the hosts for a long time, but the latest one is Kamau Murray, a tennis coach and community leader. The podcast comes out weekly and features over 600 episodes. If you want to start somewhere, we recommend Talking shop with coaching titan Paul Annacone and Pete Bodo on the state of tennis journalism

4. The Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast

Starting in 2018, the Racquet Magazine’s podcast on tennis hasn’t been out for too long, especially when you consider the number of episodes — barely 90. However, each one is 45 minutes and up to an hour long, and often fascinating, especially to tennis fans who want a good mix of humor and behind-the-scenes tales about the players. 

The hosts are the titular Rennae, a former pro player, and Caitlin Thompson, co-founder of the magazine. They always have some dynamite stories to tell and are not shy about dropping an F-bomb. However, the podcast is still incredibly insightful and offers various interviews with players and coaches. Some episodes where you should start include Andrea Petkovic, A Host More Than a Guest, and Andy Roddick

5. The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast

Craig Shapiro Podcast is an exciting show in the tennis podcast world. The titular Craig Shapiro brings guests from the world of the sport, and their talks are almost always incredibly entertaining. The show has been on since 2020 and has around 80 episodes. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s technically older, as the host has had another podcast with the same theme — the Under Review Tennis Podcast

The current one comes out at least once a month, often more, with some months featuring weekly episodes. Each one has a different length, so the host and guest could talk things out properly, but most episodes are from 20 minutes to an hour and a half long. If you’re interested, try out some of his interviews with Goran Ivanisevic, Christopher Clarey, Zina Garrison, and Craig O’Shannessy, Djokovic’s former advisor. 

6. No Challenges Remaining

NCR is the original tennis podcast, as it’s one of the oldest in the genre that actually became highly successful. It started in 2012 and features almost 500 episodes. The hosts, Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen talk about everything in the world of tennis in a humoristic and informative manner.

Episodes are usually up to an hour long, but the show is known for its hosts going on big marathon runs, with an occasional episode lasting more than two hours. Try out Top 10 Defining Female Players of the Decade, The Broken Economics of Tennis, and Courtsiding with Brad Hutchins if you want to witness the podcast at its best.

7. WTA Insider Podcast

The WTA Insider is the official podcast of the Women’s Tennis Association, so it’s not something you should miss out on if you follow WTA tournaments. The show is supposed to come out weekly, but it has been irregular lately. However, there are still 100 episodes to enjoy, with most being around 15 minutes long. Some go over 40 minutes, so there’s undoubtedly more than enough content. 

The podcast’s host is Courtney Nguyen, a WTA Insider and senior writer. She does analysis and interviews with current players, broadcasters, and many others. If you want to see what it’s about, try Swiatek makes history in Miami (w/ Daria Abramowicz) and A pillar of professionalism, Julia Goerges retires

8. Holding Court With Patrick McEnroe

This unique tennis podcast comes to you from Patrick McEnroe, the former tennis pro who’s been in the world of tennis for several decades. John McEnroe’s younger brother has had this podcast since 2020 and has made around 180 episodes, each offering something interesting. Patrick has a unique perspective on events in tennis as he is often on location and has more than enough experience to talk about the sport. 

Episodes are around 30 minutes long, but you’ll often find some that are either shorter or much longer. Some episodes to check out if you’re interested include Patrick looks back at 2022 and looks ahead to 2023 and Season 4 of Holding Court!, Dr. Jonathan Reiner says let Novak play, and Legendary Coach José Higueras discusses his time coaching Sampras, Courier, Federer, plus his thoughts on Nadal and del Potro.

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